Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising and Why Is It Important?

Outdoor advertising involves some form of outdoor advertisement undertaken to draw people’s interest. The most common style is billboard ads, but there are a variety of other alternatives, many of which now feature digital components. Of course, the complexities of outdoor ads widen the definition of this format to include a whole lot of items that you might never have considered:

  • Experiential Advertising
  • Billboards
  • Cars Branded with Advertiser Logos and Imagery
  • Ads in Bus Shelters / Park Benches
  • Promotions in Movie Theaters

The list keeps moving on and on. You will find an exhaustive number of samples of outdoor advertising these days, which leads us to Part Two of our opening question.

Why is Outdoor Advertising Important?

There are so many solutions to this question, each of which we will discuss in depth. But this is the key to carry away. We spend a lot of our time outside our houses. Advertisers constantly struggling to stand out in the clutter of analog and streaming advertising need a less cluttered space to convey their message.

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Outdoor Advertising
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What Constitutes an Outdoor Ad?

The outdoor advertising umbrella covers just about all you find outside your house.

Some can doubt whether mobile advertisement is indeed outdoor. After all, most people use their phones outside their houses. However, the agreed concept of outdoor ads places greater emphasis on the medium than the system used to deliver it.

So, sticker advertising on the product of a famous actor will be called outdoor advertising. But an advert that comes up at the grocery store on your handheld phone as you browse the internet in line wouldn’t.

To help make an point, outdoor commercials also rely on their surroundings. To make a greater impression, advertisements are customized to the layout. A billboard for a movie that you see on the side of the road, for example, would be different from a commercial on the side of a bus for the same film.

Outdoor is arguably the most innovative promotional canvas and the creativity is represented by the most popular advertisements. Outdoor advertisement is about doing things in a different light and trying to see it for the viewers, too. It means that a banana is no longer just a slice of fruit, but suddenly the ultimate medium to promote a children’s cartoon’s banana-colored minions.

The Outdoor Advertising Top Forms

You could spend a couple of hours trying to list all the outdoor advertising types and still leave a few out, as just about anything can become an outdoor advertising source. But below are the top categories, according to the Outdoor Advertisement Association of America:

  • Billboards: Like traditional, automated billboards, mobile billboards, bulletin billboards, and more.
  • Wallscape: The largest outdoor advertisement form possible, attached to large building walls.
  • Transit: Ads focused on buses, trains, subways, cabins and other types of vehicle.
  • Furniture on the Street: Bus shelter ads, booths, benches, parking garages, toilets and more.
  • Rail Advertising: Train advertising, train floors, train interiors.
  • Advertisements in Theater: Commercials in the movie theatre before films started and other commercials.
  • Aerial Advertising: Airplane banners, skywriting, drones and more.
  • Mural Advertising: Hand-painted advertisements on the wall. Also called hand-painted billboards.
  • Other: Anything that does not match the other categories, such as eco campaigns or resistance campaigns.
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Digital and Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor ads has introduced a new layer to the rise of digital media. The use of elements of social media in a campaign gives it fresh online life and expands its scope far past the original audience. Digital outdoor ads could also:

  • Ping users via smartphones with Bluetooth.
  • Give QR codes for instant consumer website connections.
  • Enable passersby to use your billboard to play immersive games.

Why is Outdoor Advertising Important?

People spend a lot of time outside the house, 8.74 hours per day on average, engaged in hobbies such as work, leisure and sports. That’s an entire third of your day when you’re not at home. Because another one-third of your time is spent sleeping, it leaves just a few hours for advertisers, via tv, magazines and radio, to communicate with you at home.

That, then, is the meaning of advertising in the outdoors. It helps advertisers to find you outside the home while you are busy, and sometimes at a moment when you are advertisement sensitive.

You typically zone out waiting for the bus, for instance, so no wonder that ad catches your attention in the back of the shelter for a coffee shop. If you need a coffee break after work, where do you think you’ll be headed? To that coffee shop.

It is necessary to provide outdoor ads because it is affordable, visible, reliable and less invasive than many other types of advertising. Want any facts to back that up? Take these statistics into consideration:

  • Sixty percent say billboards are a perfect way to hear about new businesses and services.
  • Nearly a third went to a company after seeing an outdoor advertisement for it, an Arbitron survey showed.
  • Three-fourths of individuals note digital billboards.
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Other Reasons Outdoor Advertising is Important

You can’t ignore the cost. Outdoor ads often have a lower CPM (cost per thousand) than other forms of media.

For a range of reasons, the business may use outdoor advertising, ranging from branding to promoting a particular event. You can target the sort of mass audience you cannot reach with other forms of media.

Also, outdoor advertising is fun. Is there a justification to make investments in it? Oh, yeah. Advertising must be unforgettable, but it can be enjoyable as well.

They are not worth doing if you don’t have fun with the promotions. Advertising is an art, not a science, and doing so increases the chances that it will work in an insightful, profitable but often humorous manner. And that’s why outdoor advertising, eventually, matters. It works, and no matter what other types of digital media arrive, it will continue to work.

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